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Operations Portal is an EGI service provided by CCIN2P3,
co-funded by EGI.eu and EGI-Engage

Release Version : 4.2 - October 24th

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The Operations Portal is a central portal for the EGI operations management that offers a different capabilities, such as the broadcast tool, VO management facilities and various of dashboards (Security, VO and Operations) to facilitate infrastructure oversight.

Latest news

EGI Trust Anchor release 1.97-1
March 26, 2019 10:51
Joao Antonio Tomasio Pina
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Decomissioning of the sbgcloud.in2p3.fr - eu.egi.cloud.vm-management.occi service
March 12, 2019 16:00
Jerome Pansanel
more details
EGI Trust Anchor release 1.96-1
February 25, 2019 14:51
Joao Antonio Tomasio Pina
more details
decomissioning of marcream01.in2p3.fr and marcream02.in2p3.fr
February 22, 2019 08:46
Edith Knoops
more details
Decommissioning SL6 CE, hepgrid2.ph.liv.ac.uk
February 14, 2019 12:46
stephen jones
more details
Please update cclcgvomsli01.in2p3.fr.lsc for Biomed VO
February 12, 2019 09:10
Christelle Eloto
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New VOMS server certificate for cclcgvomsli01.in2p3.fr
February 11, 2019 12:39
Christelle Eloto
more details
Intervention on the network
February 7, 2019 14:03
STEPHANE GERARD stgerard@vub.ac.be
more details
Decommission of IN2P3-CC Central LFC lfc-egee.in2p3.fr
February 4, 2019 18:14
Christelle Eloto
more details
Upcoming VOMS server certificate renewal for cclcgvomsli01.in2p3.fr
February 4, 2019 18:03
Christelle Eloto
more details
End of Support for CREAM-CE
February 1, 2019 13:07
Alessandro Paolini apaolini@egi.eu
more details
Decommission of mainzgrid
January 30, 2019 10:55
Andreas Nussbaumer
more details
Decomission of CIEMAT-LCG2 CREAM CEs
December 20, 2018 17:14
Delgado Peris Antonio u5260@ciemat.es
more details
voms-01 and voms-02.pd.infn.it certificate subject update
December 10, 2018 12:50
Marco Verlato verlato@infn.it
more details
DPM workshop 2019 - LHEP (Bern) - *** CORRECT DATE: 13-14th of June ***
December 4, 2018 09:46
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